Solid modular ice cube

Solid modular ice cube, available in three different sizes, DICE, HALF-LARGE and LARGE. Suitable for quick drink cooling, can be used in various applications: ice buckets, whisky on the rocks and cocktails. Thanks to the high productivity of vertical evaporators, this type of machine with the combination of Icematic bins is essential where high ice consumption is needed.




Solid ice cube Ice-maker series with vertical evaporator, characterized by an innovative and linear design, great reliability and easy to use.
Thanks to its external body in stainless steel and its easy maintenance, this icemaker series represents the best solution for high demanding ice needs.

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Ice has many applications, from the conservation and display of fresh fish, to the creation of cocktails for bars and clubs, as well as in wellness centers.

It is also widely used in hospitals and in the food sector such as in the production of sausages and bread.

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Known as one of the leaders in the production of icemakers, Icematic offers a wide range of products for bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels and fast food chains.


With the Icematic bins range you can choose between different dimensions and models to store your ice. Availability is guaranteed at all times.


Icematic has also been working in the development and manufacturing of refrigerated cabinets and a wide range of blast chillers-freezers