Main functions

From today your BT Series can be managed directly from your smartphone.
All you need is a simple WI-FI connection to access your blast chiller menu and monitor it.

- Quick access from any device and browser.
- It does not need any dedicated app, totally free.
- Possibility to enlarge the screen, to improve visibility in small devices.
- Possibility of observing and controlling the machine remotely.

Technical Features

Internal floor

Pressed internal floor to guarantee an easy cleaning and maximum hygiene.

Dual suitability trays rack

Easily removable for cleaning, it is designed to facilitate the chilling air flow, increasing the machine efficiency. Suitable for both GN1/1 and EN 600 x 400 mm trays.

Ozone Sanification (optional)

Sanitizes the blast chilling chamber after cleaning the machine. Useful also for sanitize working tools.

Reversible door

Reversible door and with self-closing system for angles of less than 90°.
Door handles: the innovative design, ergonomic and simple to clean, make easy and safe the door opening and closing.

Condensate collecting pan

Easy to pull out and to empty, for simple installation in places without any water draining.

USB recorder (optional)

Data Saving and backup programs.


Easy to inspect and with hot gas defrosting, painted in order to avoid corrosion risk. Indirect air flow.


Body cabinet internal and external in stainless steel, made by injected polyurethane without CFC. Thickness 70 mm. Internal rounded corners.

10 trays
+90°C > 3°C
35 kg
+90°C > -18°C
25 kg
W 840 / D 775 / H 1520
400 V - 3/50Hz

BT 10.35

30 trays
+90°C > 3°C
70 kg
+90°C > -18°C
55 kg
W 840 / D 1255 / H 1975
400 V - 3/50Hz

BT 15.2/70

15 teglie / trays*
+90°C > 3°C
65 kg
+90°C > -18°C
50 kg
W 840 / D 875 / H 1975
400 V - 3/50Hz

BT 15.65

Ice has many applications, from the conservation and display of fresh fish, to the creation of cocktails for bars and clubs, as well as in wellness centers.

It is also widely used in hospitals and in the food sector such as in the production of sausages and bread.

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